Union Free Radio, Ep. 1: Five Reasons People Hate the PRO Act

The PRO Act being pushed by unions and their allies is a dangerously bad bill that threatens jobs, companies, and America’s Free Enterprise system. Here’s why:

Unions and their Democratic Party allies – like the Democratic Socialists of America – are pushing Congress to enact the so-called “Protecting the Right to Organize Act,” which passed the U.S. House of Representatives for the second time in as many years back in February.

Although it is currently stalled in the U.S. Senate — with three Democrat senators not yet on board with the bill–President Biden has vowed to sign if it reaches his desk.

The bill is a massive rewrite of U.S. labor and employment laws that threatens jobs and job creators, as well as the American Free Enterprise system.

In this episode of Union Free Radio, LaborUnionReport.com editor and RedState contributor Peter List explains the top five reasons why the PRO Act is so bad.

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And, check out the video about some of the most terrible provisions of the PROAct from RedState Deputy Managing Editor Brandon Morse.


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