Swamp Rats: Union Bosses Meet With Soros, Other Global Leftists, At Secretive Closed-Door Confab

Hillary Clinton’s election loss to President-election Donald Trump last week came as a shock to many leftists—some of whom spent millions of dollars in donations and manpower to ensure her victory at the polls.

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In response to their dramatic defeat, globalist millionaires, billionaires, union bosses and other left-wing activists associated with the group Democracy Alliance are meeting this week behind closed doors at the more-than $500 per night Mandarin Hotel in Washington, DC.


The Democracy Alliance (aka The DA) is a left-wing organization that was founded in 2005 and considers itself “the largest network of donors dedicated to building the progressive movement in the United States.”

The group is filled with about 100 multi-millionaires and billionaires who are required to pony up at least $200,000 each year to participate in the group, according to the Daily Caller.

Although it was originally co-chaired by then-SEIU Executive Vice President Anna Burger, SEIU’s current president Mary Kay Henry now serves as the group’s Vice Chair.

While the three-day conference began Sunday night and is closed to the press, Politico obtained a copy of the agenda (in full below).

“Here we are together again eight years later,” stated Democracy Alliance President Gara LaMarche in his opening remarks, “gathering in a haze of anger and grief and asking ourselves how it came to this.”

“President Obama and Secretary Clinton have acted with extraordinary grace and bearing in playing their parts in the acceptance of the democratic process and the peaceful transfer of power,” LaMarche continued, “but I don’t have to.”

“An ignorant, dangerous, lying, crude, insecure, narcissistic, fraudulent bigot and misogynist received almost half of the votes of the American people and is now a few months away from following Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt and Barack Obama into the Oval Office.”


In addition to a 2016 election post mortem featuring Sen. Elizabeth Warren [D-MA], this week’s conference agenda includes panel discussions on how to “shift the terms of the debate and build electoral capacity/candidate pipelines for 2018 and 2020,”, as well as engaging Millennials and Gen Z voters which is considered a “progressive priority.”

Along with the SEIU’s Mary Kay Henry and the AFL-CIO’s Karen Nussbaum presenting at the conference, according to the agenda, sessions are being hosted by the SEIU, AFSCME, UFCW and CWA unions, as well as numerous other left-wing organizations.

Apparently, Donald Trump’s “swamp” has no intention of draining itself.

Democracy Alliance Post-Election Agenda by WorkPlaceReport.com on Scribd

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