Sanders and #FightFor15 strikers thrown under the bus as SEIU eyes @HillaryClinton endorsement

Of the two major Democratic presidential candidates—Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders—only one has embraced the SEIU’s campaign of a $15 minimum wage and that candidate was not Hillary Clinton.


In fact, Clinton has only endorsed the possibility of a $12 minimum wage, which, for Sanders (as well as the #FightFor15 “strikers” and supporters), this must feel like a slap in the face:

SEIU NEARING CLINTON ENDORSEMENT — Leaders at the two-million-member Service Employees International Union are telling staffers to clear their calendars Tuesday. Will this be SEIU’s long-expected Hillary Clinton endorsement? A final vote from the union’s executive committee has not yet taken place, but the committee will have the chance to hold one at its Tuesday meeting.

SEIU spokesperson Sahar Wali confirmed that the executive committee will meet Tuesday but said no endorsement decision had been made. SEIU Executive Board Member David Rolf told us the same. Joe Biden’s decision not to run cleared the path for a Clinton endorsement, a SEIU source tells POLITICO. Some staffers were less than thrilled when Hillary balked at endorsing a $15 minimum wage (she opted for $12 instead). But Clinton was the only presidential candidate to appear (albeit by phone) at SEIU’s Fight for $15 conference in June, and she’s shown up repeatedly alongside SEIU-represented home health care workers during the past several months. There are also some personnell ties between the campaign and the union: SEIU’s former deputy national political director, Heather Stone, became Clinton’s chief of staff in August. [Emphasis added.]


Coming a mere week following its biggest fast-food “strike” yet, for the behemoth-like SEIU to throw its weight behind Clinton (who has not embraced the $15 minimum wage) next Tuesday, as opposed to Sanders (who has), makes one wonder whether the SEIU’s $80 million #FightFor15 campaign isn’t anything more than an expensive political ploy.

Oh wait.

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