Will Kentucky Become The 25th Right-To-Work State WIth Bevin Win?

For a long time now, there has been a near-nationwide backlash against overly liberal agendas.

In large measure, due to their lapdog-like allegiance to the extreme “progressive” agenda, unions have paid the price as more and more voters vote to put states under Republican control.


On Tuesday, Matt Bevin, in a rather substantial victory, became the next governor of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

As a result, once again, unions may pay the price if, as expected Governor Bevin makes Kentucky the nation’s 26th Right to Work State.

“He will likely push Republican issues during his first session of the General Assembly,” writes the Courier-Journal, “including bills that would allow people to work in union businesses without joining the union or paying union representation fees, charter schools, education vouchers and tort reform [emphasis added].”

Union issues were not the primary reason Matt Bevin was elected, as RedState’s Erick Erickson notes.

Kentucky was a shining example for the Democrats of a place where moderate Democrats could hold their own and work to implement Barack Obama’s agenda. That came crashing down last night. Bevin has pledged to end Obamacare in the state. He also championed religious liberty against his liberal Democrat opponent. He has fought hard in coal territories and the GOP carpet bombed coal areas of Kentucky with attacks on the Obama Administration’s environmental policies. [Emphasis added.]


For unions, who are rabidly against Right-To-Work laws, a Bevin win is just one more example where unions will likely pay a price for aligning themselves with the extreme progreassive agenda.
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