Update: GOP Congress Conspiring With Obama To Pass #ObamaTrade On Thursday -- #StopFastTrack

a devil's pact

Establishment Republicans are not listening to the American people. Despite a broad coalition of conservatives and liberals standing firmly in opposition, Republicans in Congress are, once again, conspiring with Barack Obama to pass ObamaTrade on Thursday, according to the Associated Press.

In addition to harming U.S. sovereignty, the GOP move comes despite a report that raises the question whether the Trans-Pacific Partnership (dubbed by unions to be “NAFTA on steroids”) may cost up to one million more manufacturing jobs.

Unfortunately, last week’s grassroots victory in defeating #ObamaTrade was only temporary as Obama and his co-conspirators [mc_name name=’Rep. John Boehner (R-OH)’ chamber=’house’ mcid=’B000589′ ] and [mc_name name=’Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’M000355′ ] work on passing the measure tomorrow.

A trap only Bohener & Co. would fall for. To further damage the GOP’s image in the polls, the Hill reports that the GOP-controlled House may be planning to pass “Trade Promotion Authority” (aka “fast track”) without Trade Adjustment Assistance.

The House is set to vote Thursday on Trade Promotion Authority, with GOP leaders employing procedural maneuvers and indirect promises to make sure the bill eventually gets signed into law.

Pro-trade lawmakers are moving ahead with a vote on TPA without Trade Adjustment Assistance, which aids U.S. workers displaced by international trade.

Despite all of the other reasons to oppose TPA, for Boehner and the rest of the Establishment Republicans to give Obama “fast track authority” to negotiate ObamaTrade without consideration of displaced workers will assuredly be used by Democrats and unions against GOP candidates in the 2016 elections.

While it is uncertain whether “fast track authority” would be passed along with, or separate from, Trade Adjustment Assistance, White House press secretary Josh Earnest reportedly “didn’t rule out accepting fast-track legislation without it.”

via Breitbart:

Again, there are enough other reasons to oppose ObamaTrade, without failling into a trap on TAA.

In addition to the privacy threats contained in ObamaTrade, as well as the potential for excutive action on immigration, the Americans for Limited Government’s Rick Manning noted last week:

  • The already-negotiated Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) creates a new international structure that supercedes U.S. law.
  • Fast-track language creating objectives for any treaty are only suggestions which can be ignored by the president.
  • Under fast-track, Congress cannot amend a treaty that the president submits, they cannot delay it, and it is guaranteed to only need a simple majority threshold for passage.
  • Only five out of 29 sections of TPP deal with trade. The TPP rewrites the rules for the world’s economy.

As Streiff noted earlier, “passing TPA is no longer a matter of legislative strategy, it is a matter of raw arm twisting.”

Since many ‘Establishment Republicans’ mistakenly think that the 2010 and 2014 mid-term elections were referendums for “more of the same” from the GOP, it may be time for them to be reminded by the American people that those elections were not about maintaining the status quo.

Call the Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121 (again) and tell your GOP Rep to listen to the American people and #StopFastTrack, once and for all.
“Truth isn’t mean. It’s truth.”
Andrew Breitbart (1969-2012)

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