On Leadership, Governor Nikki Haley Shares How South Carolina Is 'Open For Business' At #RSG14

RSG 2014Earlier this morning, as she has for nearly every year of the RedState Gathering, South Carolina’s Governor Nikki Haley spoke to the Gathering’s attendees.


This year, the Governor was able to tout another year of accomplishments since taking office: Continuing to lower her state’s unemployment rate from 11% to 5.3%–making South Carolina one of the fastest state growing economies in the nation, reforming the state’s agencies as well as—very importantly—attracting new, good-paying (and union-free) jobs to the Palmetto State.

Nikki is running for re-election this year and is, predictably, under attack by union bosses and the Left–and even from within the GOP-held state legislature (she vetoed their pay raises).

She could use the support of RedState readers like you.

Please consider contributing time or money to her campaign by going here.

Here is the governor’s full speech (as well as audience Q&A) at this year’s RedState Gathering in Fort Worth.

* Please pardon the shakiness of the video as it was filmed with an iPad.
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