Oh Deer! Banished Teamster Boss Pleads Guilty to...Poaching?

In the often-sordid world of today’s union bosses, there are those that are bad, then there are those who are just downright abominably bad. It seems that former Teamster boss Bradley Slawson is one of those characters that falls into the latter category.


Late last year, the Independent Review Board–a panel that the Teamsters agreed to allow the U.S. government to install in 1989 to root out corrupt Teamsters–concluded that Minnesota Teamsters Local 120 was run like a private piggy bank for Teamster bosses Bradley Slawson, Sr. and his son, Bradley Slawson, Jr.

Among the allegations of “corruption, kick-backs, “sham” deals and missing liquor and sports tickets” was the purported fundraiser the Slawsons wanted to hold for a “nonexistent sick baby” to funnel funds to a bar the union owns in Fargo, ND.

In November, stripping power from the Slawsons, the Teamsters’ James P. Hoffa put Local 120 into trusteeship.

“There is evidence that the secretary-treasurer (Slawson Sr.) and the president (Slawson Jr.) are corrupt and incompetent, the Local is engaged in financial malpractice and is not being conducted in the best interests of its members,” the review board alleged in a 139-page report.

Ya think?

  • To read the full IRB report, go here.

While suspended and awaiting their punishment from the Teamsters, the Slawsons went into the bar business, buying the Route 65 Pub & Grub.

In April, a Hoffa-appointed panel recommended that the Slawsons should be bannded from the union for life and repay the union tens of thousands dollars for what was allegedly stolen.

The Slawsons’ attorney vowed to appeal to a “real court.”

Now, there’s even more news bad news for Slawson, Jr.


It turns that not only has Bradley Slawson, Jr. been *allegedly* stealing from union members, he’s also been out illegally poaching deer–for years.

Deer - Racy Rachel

According to CBS News:

Officials say a Minnesota man stole whitetail buck over a four-year period in Iowa.

The state Department of Natural Resources announced Thursday that 42-year-old Bradley Slawson, Jr., of Ham Lake, Minn., pleaded guilty to deer poaching charges. He has been ordered to pay $18,000 in civil damages for the illegal harvesting of deer bucks between 2008 and 2011 in Clarke County.


Conservation Officer Michael Miller says both Iowa and Minnesota officials worked together to catch someone “that had been stealing from Iowa’s natural resources for years.”

Let’s see if we can summarize this: So far, Slawson, Jr., stands accused of embezzlement, rum running (or something like that), racketeering and, now, has pleaded guilty to being a Bambi butcher?

In related news: The latest search for Jimmy Hoffa has turned up zilch. Again.
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