How Unions Make Superman A Mere Mortal...

Once upon a time, as a young idealistic union representative grousing about catching a particular grievant lying about the reason she was given a final warning notice by management, veteran union rep. stated to me, “Don’t you know, we represent the sick, lame and lazy.”


Of course, that conversation took place prior to the enactment of the Americans with Disabilities Act (the lame) and the Family Medical Leave Act (the sick).

It was a valuable lesson learned for, as time went on, it became more apparent that for every 100 union members who paid union dues, the union would end up spending its time and dues money representing the bottom ten percent of the workforce–those that were constantly in trouble, failed to show up to work and, for the most part, should have been fired anyway.

Where unions once fought for protections in the workplace, government now has laws that are enforced by agencies paid through tax dollars. Where unions once negotiated contracts that improved working conditions, today they are responsible for the demise of countless jobs in a myriad of industries.

Now, in most cases, unions are left to protect…the lazy. […which, in their heart of hearts, most honest union representatives will admit–albeit privately.]

Why? It goes to unions’ basic business model.


In this Liberty Alliance video featuring Superman, Stephen Crowder takes on the underlying problem with today’s unions.

When today’s union bosses learn that lowering working standards to the lowest common denominator, like Kryptonite to Superman, kills American jobs, perhaps there will be a time and place for unions.

Until such time union bosses change their business model, unions will continue to be relegated to representing the bottom ten percent of the workforce–at the expense of union members everywhere.
“Truth isn’t mean. It’s truth.”
Andrew Breitbart (1969-2012)

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