"When they outlaw guns, only outlaws (and tyrants) will have guns..."

Despite union bosses lying to their members in 2008 about Barack Obama’s gun-control desires, according to his legislative record, he apparently would rather have a person killed in their own homes than have them defend themselves with a gun.


Not surprisingly, in keeping with their standard of not letting a good crisis go to waste, Obama and his left-wing cronies have launched a full-on frontal assault on Americans’ right to keep and bear arms.

This is despite the fact that they are not addressing the real gun violence problem.

As opportunistic, anti-Constitutional leftists use the Sandy Hook tragedy assault the Bill of Rights, it is worthy to note that not all teachers and law enforcement officials are aligned with the Left’s agenda to disarm Americans.

As Jason Hart noted earlier, Over 1,000 Educators Apply for Armed Teacher Training…in Ohio.

Moreover, (via Drudge) in Louisiana, the Sheriff’s Department in Caddo Parish is “inviting children to participate in the “Kids First Gun Program,” which will teach young children how to safely operate firearms.”

In Wyoming, lawmakers are proposing “gun protection” legislation. While it’s hoped that other states follow suit, only time will tell.

The question then becomes:

Would you rather be unarmed (like those in this Los Angeles clothing store) when criminals come to do you and others harm?


Or, would you rather be like the mother who saved her children?

Or, these Glock-carrying diners (via YouTube)…?

Remember: When they outlaw guns, only outlaws (and tyrants) will have guns.


“Truth isn’t mean. It’s truth.”
Andrew Breitbart (1969-2012)

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