Michigan Madness: Thousands Plan To Lay Siege On State Capitol On Tuesday Over Right-To-Work

On Tuesday, unions, left-wing radicals and their allies are planning to lay siege to Michigan’s state capitol on Tuesday to protest the state lawmakers’ move to give workers the right to work for unionized companies without being compelled to pay union fees or be fired.


On a Facebook page dedicated to a “Day of Action” on Tuesday, as of Sunday night, over 2,400 2,500 activists have pledged to show up to protest. That number is expected to grow by Tuesday.

In addition to unions vowing even bigger protests than last week, OccupyMichigan is also promoting the Day of Action.

The Lansing Fire Department has posted a list of likely street closures.

On Saturday, according to ABC News, more than 200 union activists attended a training for Tuesday.

Between chants, cheers and applause, organizers warned those at the training to be prepared for insults and obstruction Tuesday in Lansing. The volunteers lined up on opposite sides of a long hall at UAW Local 600 in suburban Detroit and took turn turns portraying protesters and union critics.

“Humanize the situation. Be clear with your intentions. Introduce yourself,” national labor activist Lisa Fithian, of Austin, Texas, said through a megaphone. “They’re going to do everything they can to criminalize us.”

Fithian is a career community organizer known for her organizing of protests on behalf of a broad range of Marxist groups, ranging from ACORN and Code Pink to Occupy Wall Street.


As noted last year:

To say that Lisa Fithian is just a paid-professional protester would be to undersell her radical accomplishments. True, she’s received compensation from the SEIU and the SEIU’s labor federation Change to Win as a consultant. However, her war on the free market goes well beyond that. Last year, Fithian helped the UAW shut down Bank of America branches and, now, is helping the #OccupyWallSt protesters wage their occupations all across America.

As the founder of today’s American labor movement said nearly a century ago:

“I want to urge devotion to the fundamentals of human liberty – the principles of voluntarism. No lasting gain has ever come from compulsion. If we seek to force, we but tear apart that which, united, is invincible….I want to say to you, men and women of the American labor movement, do not reject the cornerstone upon which labor’s structure has been builded – but base your all upon voluntary principles and illumine your every problem by consecrated devotion to that highest of all purposes – human well being in the fullest, widest, deepest sense.” — Samuel Gompers, American Federation of Labor


As unions and their allies lay siege to the Michigan capitol on Tuesday, they’re exposing their true motives: Today’s unions are not about freedom of choice, they are about power and politics.

On Tuesday, Samuel Gompers’ principles of voluntarism will once again be cast aside as unions and their allies protest to continue their right to force payment from workers.



“Truth isn’t mean. It’s truth.”
Andrew Breitbart (1969-2012)

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