Union-Backed Democrat Loses Race To Dr. Dan Benishek (Again), Then Backtracks

Michigan Congressman Dan Benishek [MI-1] won his re-election race on Tuesday night against union-bought Democrat Gary McDowell by the slimmest of margins–2,297 votes, with 100% of the precincts counted.


In fact, the unions’ candidate even congratulated ‘Dr. Dan’ [Benishek is a surgeon].

McDowell praised Benishek for winning the contest.

“It was a great race. Congratulations to Dan Benishek. Hope he does well,” McDowell said this morning just a few minutes after hearing the final outcome. He also thanked everyone involved in his campaign for their support.

However, shortly after his congratulatory statement, the union-funded McDowell backtracked.

The McDowell campaign issued a press release indicating that it is working to ensure all absentee, provisional and military ballots have been accounted for. The campaign also referenced “discrepancies” in AP numbers and possible tallying errors in some counties.

“I am so proud of the grassroots campaign we built to fight for hard-working middle class families in Northern Michigan,” McDowell said in the release. “We owe it to them and our overseas military to let the process continue and make sure that all absentee and provisional ballots are counted.”


While the Associated Press and numerous other media outlets have called Benishek the winner, it is possible the unions may order the McDowell campaign to call for a recount, which is apparently easy to do in Michigan.

If a recount is ordered, the unions have deeper pockets than Dr. Dan does and he’s going to need your help.

You can go to Dan’s website here.

McDowell’s backers are readily apparent here:

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