Using .Gov Domain & Obama's Mother, DNC Propaganda Targets Women

A reader sent the following mailer (see below) from the Democratic National Committee targeting Florida’s female population.

The DNC’s large, two-sided mailer reads like an Obama campaign piece (because it is one) and refers readers to a federal government website


Interestingly, on one side of the mailer, the DNC tells the story of how Barack Obama was motivated to pass Obamacare by the passing of his mother who, living in Jakarta, suffered from violent abdominal pain and was misdiagnosed with appendicitis.

It wasn’t until she flew home to the U.S. from Jakarta to have her appendix removed that she was properly diagnosed. Apparently, Jakarta’s doctors failed to recognize ovarian cancer. Mr. Obama’s mother, the DNC mailer explains, succumbed to the illness “a short time later.”

Oddly, by using Obama’s personal story as the foundation (and despite the fact that Obama’s mother was properly diagnosed in the U.S.), the DNC ad seems to want readers to tie the failings of Jakarta’s health system to the failings of the U.S. health care system when it states [emphasis added]:

…He carried the memory of that pain in his heart every single day when fighting for real health insurance reform.

President Obama will not stop fighting until every American has access to quality, affordable health care when they need it. The lives of millions of people facing similar challenges as his mother did depend on it.


Ironically, it was not the U.S. health care system that failed Obama’s mother but Jakarta’s doctors who misdiagnosed her illness.

Yet, the DNC mailer pushes the story to readers as though it was the U.S. health care system that caused Barack Obama’s mother to die.

They don’t call Barack Obama the Campaigner-in-Chief for nothing.

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