DNC Planners Provide Stark Contrast With Choice Of Union-Free Stadium

Nearly a year ago, the Democratic National Committee opened a wound with union bosses, the Democratic party’s biggest financial backers, by choosing Charlotte, NC as the host-city for its 2012 convention. While the circumstances that led to the decision to choose one of the least unionized states in the nation may have been a union turf war, the DNC convention planners have tried to make up for it by discriminating against union-free vendors.


Nevertheless, the AFL-CIO’s Building & Construction Trades Division has chosen to boycott the convention entirely and, now, DNC convention planners may just have added more salt to union bosses’ wound by choosing the venue for Obama to make his acceptance speech at Charlotte’s Bank of America stadiuma stadium built by non-union labor.

[via the Daily Caller]

Bank of America Stadium, the Charlotte, N.C. sports area that has been proposed as the site where President Obama will accept the Democratic Party’s nomination for a second term in the White House, was built entirely with nonunion labor, The Daily Caller has learned.

Brett McMahon, president of Miller & Long DC, Inc., told TheDC it’s ironic that the Democratic National Committee is discussing the venue as a likely locale for Obama’s re-nomination ceremony, since the president has long-standing political alliances with America’s biggest and wealthiest labor unions


The majority of the companies that built the stadium were members of Associated Builders & Contractors,” McMahon told TheDC. “It is a great example of a grand monument that was built entirely union-free.”

And unlike many sports facilities, he added, “there was very, very little public expenditure” for the stadium. “It stands as an outstanding example of the free enterprise system at work.”


To millions of Americans watching Barack Obama’s acceptance speech on TV this September, the DNC’s convention planners have unknowingly provided a stark contrast between a man built by union labor and a stadium built by free enterprise.


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