It's Tuesday. Don't Forget To Go Vote Today.

Just a reminder, Tuesday is Election Day—and that means we need to vote and help ensure that others get out to vote as well.

While there are elections throughout the country, there are several campaigns and issues that [in part, via WaPo] are listed as ‘Most Watched.’  Here they are, with some recommendations:


State Issues:

In Arizona…

In Ohio…

  • Vote “YES” on Ohio’s Issue 2. The unions have spent up to $50 million to keep a stranglehold on Ohio’s taxpayers. The AFL-CIO’s Richard Trumka, radio talk show Ed Schultz, and former green czar Van Jones are all pushing for a repeal of Ohio’s SB 5 (Issue 2 on the ballot). Ultimately, if Ohio voter’s vote “no” on Issue 2 and repeal government union reform, like California, the increases needed in taxes may actually help states outside Ohio (like South Carolina and other Right-to-Work states) attract more companies (and jobs) to move out. [Jason Hart has been doing a phenomenal job covering Issue 2 on behalf of Ohio taxpayers.] There is also more info at Building a Better Ohio.
  • Vote “YES” Ohio’s Issue 3. Not as well known to those outside of Ohio is Issue 3, the Ohio Health Care Amendment that, if passed, may exempt Ohio’s residents from ObamaCare. However, if passed, it will ultimately depend on the Supreme Court’s ruling on the Constitutionality of ObamaCare whether it moves forward. Naturally, like Issue 2, the Marxists at ProgressOhio are opposed to Issue 3 and are urging Ohio residents to vote “no.”

In Washington State…

I-1163 must be defeated because its $80 million cost cannot be paid for without tax increases or cuts to vital senior services.


This Service Employees International Union-sponsored measure claims to protect vulnerable adults. But it really forces taxpayers to pay for the watered-down training of union members with inexperienced trainers managed by SEIU, eliminating the current training conducted by state-licensed medical professionals and credentialed educators. [Emphasis added.]

Gubernatorial Elections:

In Kentucky…

In Mississippi…

  • Vote for Lieutenant Governor Phil Bryant [R]. Bryant is running against union-backed Democrat Johnny Dupree for the governorship. With Toyota’s new plant bringing jobs to the state, maintaining Mississippi’s predominantly union-free, Right-to-Work status is crucial for continued economic growth.

Charlotte’s Mayoral Election…


As noted above, these are but a few of the races and issues going on across our country. If you have others races or candidates that have been neglected here, please list them in the comments.

Above all, remember to vote and do what you can to get the vote out.


“I bring reason to your ears, and, in language as plain as ABC, hold up truth to your eyes.” Thomas Paine, December 23, 1776


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