A Note To Charlotte’s Workers: Get A Written Guarantee You Won’t Be Outsourced To Unions

Based on a tip last week and subsequent conversations with employees at Charlotte’s Ritz Carlton who, according to them, had been told that they are to be displaced by union workers during the DNC’s 2012 Convention, apparently Charlotte’s mayor and the hotel are saying that the story is untrue.


According to WBT.com’s Chris Miller’s twitter feedRitz-Carlton calls today’s RedState story “absolutely false.”

If the story is “absolutely false,” then either the Ritz Carlton, Charlotte has a communications problem within its own hotel or employees either a) misunderstood what had been told to them, b) are lying (which seems unlikely), or c) had been told, but their management is now walking it back due to the political ramifications–since the employee (recorded here) is a Ritz-Carlton employee who spoke over the weekend.

Since employees had no reason to lie about the issue, it may be either “a” or “c.” However, since politicians are prone to dodge, mislead, or outright lie, since it is a political hot potato for Democrats, and since the story came from more than one employee, we’re guessing “c” is more likely the case.

As a result, this should be an easy matter for the Ritz Carlton to resolve with its employees. Ritz Carlton can put it in writing for their employees that they will not be outsourced, displaced, or otherwise furloughed (with or without pay) during the DNC’s 2012 convention.


[If the Ritz won’t go that far, then someone’s being misled* here. ]

Here’s a simple guarantee that Ritz-Carlton employees can use to get their management to sign:

Ritz Carlton Charlotte Guarantee

It might be noteworthy that, following last Friday’s story about the DNC discriminating against non-union businesses (and the subsequent denial), the DNC did, in fact, outsource the convention work to a Beltway company that uses union labor.

[Hey! It’s not like union-bought Democrats or their union handlers would lie or anything…]


“I bring reason to your ears, and, in language as plain as ABC, hold up truth to your eyes.” Thomas Paine, December 23, 1776

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