#OccupyThis: Free Enterprise, It's More Than An Idea & It Works

The Free Enterprise AllianceNever before, on the face of the earth, has there ever been a nation that has produced as much wealth for its citizens, the technological advancements for mankind, and saved the world from totalitarianism, than these United States. It was not by accident that our nation was able to accomplish this, it was because our nation was a nation built under the torch of liberty—our economic system (called capitalism, of free enterprise) based on freedom.


Yet, while free enterprise has been under assault for decades, today—from the Left-wing, Marxist ideologues occupying our government, labor unions, the media and academia to their progeny infesting city parks throughout the country—the cockroaches of collectivism are calling for an end to the system that has brought prosperity to hundreds of millions. The evil of their lies blaming capitalism for their own statist failures is only dwarfed by the evil of their proposed solutions—a Marxist state.

A few years ago, the Associated Builders & Contractors (an association of more than 20,000 merit shop contractors) launched the Free Enterprise Alliance to promote free enterprise in our society. In 2010, they launched Halt the Assault, a website that geared to calling attention to the destructiveness of government interference on our economy. HTA has grown to over 100,000 pro-free enterprise advocates.

Now, the Free Enterprise Alliance has just launched a new website (FreeEnterpriseAlliance.org) that is a treasure trove of information promoting free markets and countering the Marxist claims of those occupying our government, unions, academia, media and our parks. As their website states:

Just as America requires protection of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, the American Dream requires the protection of free enterprise—the ability for humans to apply their knowledge, skills, innovation and elbow grease to start businesses, make new products, and ultimately create wealth and jobs that fuel progress for all.


When you visit the site, you’ll find a reading list of books, articles, and videos (like this one):

Check out the FEA’s new website and arm yourself with the intellectual ammunition needed to combat the collectivist cockroaches.

On Twitter: @FreeMarketsWin


“I bring reason to your ears, and, in language as plain as ABC, hold up truth to your eyes.” Thomas Paine, December 23, 1776

**Disclosure: This is a non-paid, shameless plug for free enterprise and the Free Enterprise Alliance, both of which I know, admire, and support.


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