AFL-CIO Backs #OccupyWallSt Protesters' Fighting 'Evictions' from 'Their Home'

Apparently, the squatters protesters holed up in lower Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park are a slothful and dirty bunch. Or, to put it in more PC terms, as the owners of the park, Brookfield Partners, stated in a flyer:


“The manner in which Zuccotti Park has been used for the past several weeks has created unsanitary conditions.”

As a result, the park that has housed the Neo-Com protesters for the last several weeks is scheduled to get a badly-needed cleaning on Friday morning.

Unsanitary Conditions At Protesters’ Park:

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Unsurprisingly, the squatters of Zuccotti Park are upset at the fact that their hovel needs a bath, insisting, according to CNN, that they will not be moving for the clean up.

“Come tomorrow morning, we will passively resist and make it as difficult a process to remove us as possible,” said Occupy Wall Street spokesman Tyler Combelic. “It’s not an occupation if you can’t occupy the park.”

Of course not. You can’t be a squatter if you can’t squat.

Even the AFL-CIO’s big boss, Dick Trumka weighed in on behalf of the Zuccotti squatters, stating that “Mayor Bloomberg runs the risk of standing on the wrong side of history tomorrow.”

In what may be one of the strangest twists of logic, Trumka’s AFL-CIO launched an online petition urging people to sign its petition “in defense of the protesters and their First Amendment rights.”


According to the AFL-CIO’s petition, “New York Mayor Bloomberg will effectively evict the Occupy Wall Street protesters from their home in Zuccotti Park.”

Somehow, in its delusional effort to abrogate private property rights, the nation’s largest federation of labor unions has turned protesters’ unlawful occupation of a park into an issue of “eviction” of the protesters’ “home.”

It would be rather curious to see what the AFL-CIO bosses’ reaction would be if several hundred Tea Party protesters occupied the front of the AFL-CIO’s building for a few weeks.

Would the union bosses try to have the protesters ‘evicted,’ or would they respect the protesters’ First Amendment rights and let them stay?

“I bring reason to your ears, and, in language as plain as ABC, hold up truth to your eyes.” Thomas Paine, December 23, 1776

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