Uh Oh! The Progressives Have Figured Out How The Tea Parties Took Over the GOP...

Wow! It’s really flattering that radio talk-show host Thom Hartmann is attributing the Concord Project with the Tea Party taking over the GOP. The fact is, though, the GOP is still filled with those who would compromise the Constitution and bankrupt our country. Taking over the GOP has barely begun and, more importantly, the Tea Party (and other conservative activists) taking over the GOP involves many more people, groups, and organizations than the Concord Project.


Nevertheless, if Thom Hartmann wants to give some credit to the Concord Project for the strategy to take over the GOP, as long as it gets you to really know how important precinct activism is, so be it. More importantly, if Marxists progressives understanding the strategy and doing it themselves, get you motivated to get involved, even better.


Here’s the reality: Introduced here on RedState last September, the Concord Project is a tool. It is a learning tool (with resources and videos), a hub (wiki) for activists, where PC activists can work together on GOTV. The Concord Project is not what will take over a political party—it is the strategy that ColdWarrior has tenaciously written about here on RedState. It is also the work of current and former RedStaters and thousands of others throughout the U.S. that is making precinct activism a success.

For example, if you were at RightOnline, you may have attended the session on the Importance of Precinct Activism. If not, you can view a great presentation here featuring some ordinary Americans doing extraordinary things simply by getting involved and raising their hand for the country during a time of need.


Interestingly, as ColdWarrior notes, the #progs are going to try to use precinct activism to turn the Democratic Party even further to the Left. [Is that even possible?]

The Democratic Underground has discovered precinct activism. Will you?

For more information on Precinct Activism, go to:

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