Obama Calls For Bi-Partisanship As OFA Barnstorms Wisconsin On GOP Recalls

On its main page this weekend, the Obama campaign website, barackobama.com, is featuring a video of the President calling for a bi-partisan approach to spending and taxing our way into bankruptcy. What is so disingenuous about the President’s call for bi-partisanship is the fact that the Community Organizer in Chief’s website is littered with activities to help angry government union bosses and their Marxist allies turn out the vote in the Wisconsin recall elections on August 9th.


According to  the OFA website:

This summer, we’re spending time working on important State Senate elections in Wisconsin. We’re knocking doors and making phone calls and talking to voters about the importance of participating in these elections on August 9th. We can’t do it without you — we need you and your neighbors to come out and join us! We hope to see you at our event.

On Friday, according to WisconsinPolitics, Michelle Kleppe, Wisconsin State Field Director for Organizing for America sent an email to supporters stating (in part):

On August 9th, Wisconsin voters will go back to the polls to decide whether six Republican senators have failed to serve the needs of Wisconsin’s hard-working families.

Senate Republicans broke the trust of Wisconsinites earlier this year when they forced drastic cuts in funding for schools, seniors, and the disabled to cut taxes for their own contributors.

Since then, hundreds of OFA Wisconsin supporters across the state have spoken up, saying they want to have an impact in the recall elections in August. So in the coming weeks, volunteers will be organizing their networks, working phone banks, and knocking on doors to get the word out about what’s at stake on August 9th — and there are several events in Dane County this weekend.


It is really unbelievable to listen to a President call bi-partisanship while, at the same time, he uses his OFA machine to help union bosses recall GOP legislators.

Then again, why should we expect anything less from this administration?

“I bring reason to your ears, and, in language as plain as ABC, hold up truth to your eyes.” Thomas Paine, December 23, 1776


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