Big Easy Union Boss: South is Anti-Union Because of "Plantation Mentality"

It it is worth noting that Clay Leon is the Financial Secretary/Business Manager of IBEW, Local 130 in Lousiana. According to the IBEW’s reports with the Department of Labor, Mr. Leon’s members pay Mr. Leon and his fellow union bosses between $30 and $38 per month in regular union dues and between 2% and 4% in working dues. [Yes, members actually pay more dues when they work.] Of course, that’s on top of the (up to) $200 in initiation fees to join the union.


In turn, Mr. Leon was paid $64,054 last year.

Clearly, Mr. Leon is an expert on how the “plantation mentality” in the South keeps people out of unions thus affording him the opportunity to pontificate on the subject.


H/T: The POed Patriot.

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