Obama 'Gingerly' Weighs In On NLRB Attack On Boeing Jobs

Ever since his union appointees at the National Labor Relations Board launched an attack on the Boeing Company and its creating thousands of jobs in South Carolina, the ‘independent’ union agency has found itself the subject of much derision and President Obama has been challenged to ‘step up‘ and tell the NLRB to back off.


On Wednesday, according to the Hill, Obama finally “weighed in” on the NLRB fracas…gingerly:

President Obama weighed in on the National Labor Relations Board’s (NLRB) legal complaint against airplane manufacturer Boeing for the first time Wednesday, saying he hoped the company and union officials could resolve their differences.


….Obama addressed the case gingerly Wednesday, saying he didn’t have all the facts.

But the president said he hoped it could be resolved quickly.


“It’s an independent agency and it’s going before a judge, so I don’t want to get into all the details of the case,” he said during a news conference. “We can’t afford to have labor and management fighting all the time at a time when we’re competing against China and Germany and other countries who want to sell goods all around the world.

“The airplane industry is an area where we still have a huge advantage … I want to make sure that we keep it,” he added.


It does seem that the President wants the NLRB issue to go away as quickly as possible. If he is truly serious about creating jobs in America, his union appointees at both the NLRB and the Department of Labor–with their continued assaults on job creators making investing in American jobs even less likely–are doing him no favors. As a result, heading into 2012, the NLRB attack on Boeing is likely to remain a 787-sized albatross around his neck and, as the case lingers on, a continual headache for the Obama campaign.


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