#Weinergate, just another example of liberal lies

This really isn’t a post about…well…you know. However, as #Weinergate has unfolded over these past two weeks, it has provided yet another illustrative lesson in the Left’s methodology of crisis management: lie-blame-deny-obfuscate-confess. The playbook is something we’ve seen deployed too often over the years—most recently with the Left’s attacks on Paul Ryan‘s plan to reform Medicare, as they’ve thrown truth to the wolves.


Congressman Benishek [R-MI] and his staff have prepared a clever youtube video that takes us down memory lane with just some of the Left’s more memorable lapses in honesty.


By now, if you haven’t figured out, a lack of honesty seems to be more of a badge of honor for those on the Left. As a result, unless a few of his victims do, in fact, turn out to be minors, Anthony Weiner won’t be going anywhere. Sure, #Weinergate is a short-term embarrassment to a few Democrat politicians. The reality is, however, within a few months Weiner will be back in their good graces. To so many Democrats, Weiner’s only transgression (like Bill Clinton’s before him) was to have gotten caught.


“I bring reason to your ears, and, in language as plain as ABC, hold up truth to your eyes.” Thomas Paine, December 23, 1776


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