The Evil Empire Attempts to Strike Back*: Unions to Spend Millions on PR Battle

Union bosses have been rather glum for a while now. They’ve blown hundreds of millions of their members’ money on Democrats in order to socialize medicine, kill secret-ballot elections, strangle industry and unionize America at all costs. And, what has it gotten them?


They’ve exposed themselves as left-wing radicals with a global agenda, they’ve taken over a couple of car companies, and they’re trying to take over banks, health care, as well as fast food. Sure, they’ve embedded their minions into the agencies and at the highest levels in the land but, in the meantime, their contract costs have come to light and are wreaking havoc on towns, cities and states. Their leaders’ vitriolic rhetoric (which knows no bounds) has been exposed, and they’ve shown that union hypocrisy runs hysterically high. Those are some accomplishments. Still, though, they want more.

After all of this, is it any wonder, then, that they are disliked—even despised—by so many? That millions are tired of the gaming of the system, the buying of politicians? It is any wonder why they received a ‘shellacking’ on November 2.

Well, the Sith Lords union bosses are not going to take it lying down. They are preparing to go back on the offensive, to spend more of their members’ money to regain their footing and resume control. 

In Detroit, the United Auto Workers’ King is preparing to spend $60 million or more to label companies “human rights violators” if they do not give him carte blanche to unionize their workers. Then, in nearly the same hot-air filled breath, he suggests that, no, the UAW isn’t really an “evil empire.”


“We just have to convince them that we’re not the Evil Empire that they think that we were at one point,” King said. “The UAW has learned from the past.”

Really Darth Bob?

Elsewhere in the union universe, other leaders of the Evil Empire* announced they are going to spend millions more to fight the taxpayers’ rebellion:

Union leaders plan to launch a multimillion dollar campaign to boost the image of government workers and fend off pay cuts, benefit rollbacks and other anti-union measures in states under fiscal siege.

The scope of the effort is unusual in a non-election year, and it signals a growing concern that unions could lose significant clout in states where the political climate has changed with Republicans in control in many legislatures.

Other states where unions plan to focus include those where organized labor traditionally has wielded power, such as Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.


[The AFL-CIO’s Naomi] Walker said unions plan to get their message out with phone banks, public rallies, and stepped-up lobbying efforts in at least a dozen state legislatures.

The action was set to kick off in Ohio on Friday night. Hundreds of workers planned to hold a candlelight vigil in Cincinnati to protest Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s plan to prohibit home health care and child care workers paid by the state from joining unions. [Emphasis added.]


According to Marathon Pundit, the Communications Workers of America (whose leader clings to the hate-filled vitriolic rhetoric of stating Tea Partiers promote slavery) has announced [via e-mail] battle plans:

CWA, the labor movement and its allies are preparing for battle as states across the country declare a renewed war on unions, with special attacks on the rights, wages and pensions of public employees.


In Ohio and “throughout the battleground Midwest, there is a serious attack on our jobs and communities,” CWA District 4 Vice President Seth Rosen said, explaining that district activists are already working to build coalitions to show lawmakers and the general public that it’s not just unions that care about workers’ rights.

“These attacks affect all of us, public and private sector workers, both at work and in our communities,” Rosen said. “By uniting labor, community, civil rights and environmental groups, we can wage a powerful fight for good jobs and strong communities.”

Ohio’s Kasich appears to be competing with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to be the country’s most anti-union, anti-public worker governor. Christie has become infamous over the last year for his loud, mean-spirited assaults on his state’s employees, despite the fact that 60,000 CWA members and other unionized public workers have made a half-billion dollars in wage and benefit concessions over the last three years. CWA New Jersey continues to aggressively lobby, mobilize and rally to oppose Christie’s extreme agenda.


So, man your X-Wings, charge up the batteries to your light sabers, the Evil Empire is preparing to sharpen its attack.

*CAUTION: It may be insinuated that some of the rhetoric used herein may be considered vitriol by weak-kneed, politically-correct, glass-jawed, hypocritical, leftist whiners. Lest there be a mistake that this is somehow Right-wing, hate-filled rhetoric, please be assured, it is not. We prefer to call it for what it really is: Just plain-old mockery.

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“I bring reason to your ears, and, in language as plain as ABC, hold up truth to your eyes.”  Thomas Paine, December 23, 1776


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