Rep. John Kline & the Secret Ballot Protection Act

Congressman John Kline [R-MN] has been one of the House of Representatives’ most vocal opponents of SEIU’s labor board appointee, Craig Becker, as well as a vocal defender of workers’ right to choose by secret-ballot whether or not to become unionized. In that role, he has stood strong against union bosses as they have worked to strip workers right to a secret-ballot through passage of the job-destroying (and delusionally dubbed) Employee Free Anti-Choice Act.


On Wednesday, showing the change in leadership that will begin in January, Republican named Kline to be the Chairman of the House Education & Labor Committee. The HEL committee is the House committee that must approve issues affecting union elections (like EFCA). Upon being stated for the committee, Kline stated:

“Job creation and American competitiveness are vital national priorities. As Chairman, I will ensure they are at the forefront of the Education and Labor Committee agenda.”

Given the five year push by union bosses to rid employees of their right to vote by secret-ballot, as well as this week’s NLRB decision institutionalizing card-check by collusion, Kline and his fellow Republicans are well suited to re-introduce the Secret Ballot Protection Act.

The Secret Ballot Protection Act ensures that no one – not unions, not companies – can deny workers the right to a secret ballot. The legislation is simple, but vital. It guarantees that all future workplace organizing drives will be resolved with the protections of a secret ballot. Rather than subjecting workers to intimidation and possible retribution that could come from a “card check” process, a federally-supervised secret ballot election will be guaranteed.

It has been estimated that “card check” legislation would disenfranchise 105 million American workers. TheSecret Ballot Protection Act would defend these workers and ensure the secret ballot remains the standard for protecting workers rights.


If Kline introduces the Secret Ballot Protection Act, it would likely pass the House. In the Senate, passage of it would be less than certain. However, by merely introducing it, it would give America the chance to see which Democrats are supportive of workers’ right to vote by secret-ballot versus those Democrats that purely prostitute themselves shill for union bosses.

Good luck in your new position, Congressman Kline!


“I bring reason to your ears, and, in language as plain as ABC, hold up truth to your eyes.” Thomas Paine, December 23, 1776




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