Marxists Meet, Part I: UFCW Rep. Calls for Seizing Private Property & World Socialism

Most people realize that the electoral victories on November 2nd were but a brief respite in the battle for America.

What many do not know, however, it that a mere eleven days after the GOP swept the House of Representatives, the Workers World Party held its annual conference on November 13th and 14th in New York City to discuss the fight for worldwide socialism and the destruction of capitalism.  According to its website:


The conference boldly called to the broader movement with the theme of “Abolish Capitalism, Fight for a Socialist Future.” Conference plenary sessions, breakout groups and open mike sessions focused on the growing epidemic of unemployment, cutbacks, war and racism in the current phase of this unprecedented global capitalist economic crisis, which is approaching its third year.

Many of the talks exposed that this current crisis has proven that capitalism, an economic system based on making profits, is incapable of meeting the needs of the people and that socialism is the only solution to meeting human needs and saving the planet.

This is the first post (of several) featuring videos of several of the speakers.

Bear in mind, as you watch this, this was filmed two weeks after the mid-term elections. They are not at all folding up their tents and moving to Moscow.

WARNING: Plot Spoiler—

In this video, you will see Sharon Black, from Baltimore. She is a leader of the Baltimore All People’s Congress, as well as a representative of the United Food & Commercial Workers. During her nearly eight minute speech, you will hear a lot, as she advocates:

  1. The occupation of factories and workplaces [at 0:25]
  2. A challenge to capitalist property relations [at 0:40]
  3. The formation of People’s Assemblies that can become “parallel organizations to the bankrupt capitalist governmental structures” as they have begun in the Bronx, NY and in Baltimore [at 1:20]
  4. A nationwide strike and march on Washington [at 1:42]
  5. The future abolishment of “the system” (presumably Capitalism) [at 1:50] (“We will get there, comrades, we will get there…”)
  6. Worldwide socialism has been in retreat due to technology, but now it has come full circle and bitten “its masters” [at 3:00]
  7. A call for a campaign to abolish Capitalism and embrace worldwide socialism [at 4:05]
  8. A call for class wide fight and class-wide solidarity [at 5:45]
  9. “Our ultimate goal is worldwide socialist revolution” [at 6:40]
  10. “Long live revolutionary socialism…” [at 7:10]

[For those unable to view the video, go here.]

Of course, some may dispel this as just a bunch of “hope” for “change” being espoused by some Marxists at a meeting in New York:


“Bah! They’re just a bunch of idealists!…” or “That’s McCarthyism!”

[Um…yeah, okay.]

Most, however, should by now know that this is the fight for our country’s future.


“I bring reason to your ears, and, in language as plain as ABC, hold up truth to your eyes.”  Thomas Paine, December 23, 1776


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