Where Do All Those Union Dues Go?

There’s been a lot written lately on how much money union bosses spent on the mid-term elections.  While the hundreds of millions spent may seem astounding, it really is just a drop in the bucket considering the roughly $28 billion that (public and private-sector) unions rake in every year in union dues.


For union members (and other interested people) who are interested in seeing how unions spend members’ money, the Department of Labor publishes union financial reports on its website (unionreports.gov) where you can search by national union, as well as individual local unions.  There are also other sites that give people information where union members’ money is spent.

For example, the Teamsters for a Democratic Union (which is run by Teamster members fighting corruption within the infamous union) analyzes the Teamsters’ finances and publishes the $150,000 Club [in PDF].

On Tuesday, the Competitive Enterprise Institute released this short video that takes a look at several of the unions and their expenditures.



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