People are gonna lose their jobs over this...

The postman delivering the mail this afternoon is long gone. Good thing. At least he didn’t hear the expletives that were thrown out to anyone within earshot as the envelope from Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield was opened and the 2011 rate increase was read.


It appears that, rather than making health care affordable as was promised, ObamaCare is taking our health insurance costs even higher—about $300 per month (or $3600 per year) higher. [Not that anyone with an IQ above an average AFSCME or SEIU member couldn’t have figured it out anyway.]

Now, the “right” (read: soon-to-be mandate) of having health care insurance will only cost this family of five $17,705 per year. And, for what?…A couple of doctor visits per kid per year? The occasional prescription of antibiotics? The privilege of having a ‘just-in-case’ policy?

This is something you can take to the bank: People will lose their jobs over this…

As more and more companies, small business owners and workers begin to feel the pinch of ObamaCare’s health care cost increases, there will be less money to spend on economic activity.

Perhaps it will be a few thousand more UAW members who lose their jobs because there will be less people who can afford the monthly car payments due to ObamaCare.

Perhaps it will be a few thousand SEIU janitors who lose their jobs because there are less offices to clean as more companies eliminate office space to help defray the costs of ObamaCare.

Perhaps it will be the SEIU health care worker whose hospital or nursing home is forced to close due to cost rationing.

Perhaps a few thousand more Teamsters will lose their jobs because their companies experience the drop in business from less freight being moved.


Perhaps it will be a few thousand more UFCW grocery workers will lose their jobs because customers shift over to larger big-box (and non-union) stores in order to save money.

Perhaps it will be the union workers in union resort towns like Orlando or Las Vegas who see more jobs lost because fewer Americans will be able to afford vacations.

Perhaps it will be the unionized airline workers who see fewer air travelers taking the vacations, or less businesses holding conventions in faraway cities.

The ramifications of ObamaCare are only now beginning. As more and more see their costs increase, others will feel the effects ripple across the economy—people will lose their jobs over ObamaCare.

They say, over and over again, that elections have consequences.

While most people who will be losing their jobs don’t deserve it, a few do…

Hopefully, on Tuesday, the American people will see to it that those most responsible (219 in the House and 60 in the Senate) will be held accountable.


“I bring reason to your ears, and, in language as plain as ABC, hold up truth to your eyes.”  Thomas Paine, December 23, 1776

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