MSNBC Did WHAT With The Polls?

It looks like MSNBC is aiming to get their untrustworthy numbers to match Hillary Clinton’s.

In today’s episode of “what in the world is wrong with the mainstream media”, MSNBC appears to have taken the latest CNN poll and “adjusted it” in order to change it from a Donald Trump 2-point lead to a Hillary Clinton lead.

MSNBC took the 2012 exit poll numbers and decided that it would be an excellent idea to use those to create their own magical poll numbers. This is similar to the absolutely idiotic ideas that sites like Breitbart have used in an effort to show Paul Ryan and John McCain losing their primary races (which they both won by large margins) to drive up traffic and influence elections.

The craziest part is that THEY DIDN’T NEED TO DO THIS. This CNN poll is a clear outlier, and Clinton still leads the race by a sizable margin even with Trump gaining momentum over the weekend. It’s like if a batter led Major League Baseball in home runs by a large margin but then decided to use steroids in the final weeks of the season only to get caught and punished.

Why cheat win you are winning? It seems like an absolutely idiotic thing to do, but 2016 seems to be the year that common sense gets thrown out the window.

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