YAF Finds College Students For Gun Control Know Nothing About Guns (VIDEO)

Students at George Washington University seem to have a problem when it comes to gun control; they don’t actually know anything about guns.

Spencer Brown from Young America’s Foundation decided to go on campus and ask students how they felt about the proposed “assault weapon” ban that has been discussed lately (and by discussed, I mean members of Congress sat on the floor like a bunch of children while members of the media likened the NRA to ISIS). Take a look at how they responded:


Personally, my favorite part is the girl that Brown was able to get to claim that a rock is an assault weapon. You see, these students are bombarded with narratives on mostly liberal campuses that they end up defending positions they know nothing about. Even those who try to act educated, like the man claiming assault weapons are weapons made to mimic military weapons,  are not fooling anyone.

The gun control echo chamber is large, and that can be dangerous as the younger generations start to take over the political realm. It’s important that students learn the truth about guns, and not just regurgitated talking points. Spencer Brown and the rest of the folks at YAF do a great job with both exposing the problem and fixing it, so kudos to them!


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