WATCH: Navy Senior Chief On Trump Campaign's Ties To Russia: "Story Has Yet To Even Open Up"

Navy Senior Chief Michael Nance was on MSNBC discussing the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia, and he believes there is another bomb yet to drop.

Take a look:

Nance, as well as many in the intelligence community, believe it is quite possible that Russian intelligence agent(s) were embedded within the Trump campaign. This goes along with the theory that many believe to be true; Russia is seeking to influence the Presidential election in favor of Donald Trump, their preferred candidate. Trump has repeatedly called for better ties with Russia, even at the cost of abandoning our NATO allies.

Manafort was let go from the Trump campaign presumedly to save face after evidence began to surface of his ties with Russia, but it is concerning that the Trump campaign didn’t actually care about Manafort’s ties until there was actual evidence. Now this isn’t some cold war fiction novel, and there is probably not a horde of Russian spies embedded within Trump’s campaign, but these ties to Russia could be deeper than we thought before. Hopefully the American people see this as alarming, as Russia is one of the last countries on Earth that we want to be aligning with.

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