Ben Sasse Fact Checks The Obama Administration On The Iran Deal (VIDEO)

Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse has always been something of a social media star, using platforms like Facebook and Twitter to spread his message in a way many conservatives just haven’t capitalized on. In his latest social media masterpiece, Sasse decided to fact check the Obama administration on 3 of their claims on the Iran deal.

The Obama administration recently claimed that:

  1. There was no ransom
  2. Israel now supports the Iran deal
  3. The pathway toward a nuclear Iran has been foreclosed

Take a look at Sasse’s epic 120-second fact check:


While the American people have been absorbed in and divided by this 2016 election cycle, the Obama administration continues to lie to the people with no accountability. If only the mainstream media had the guts and integrity to fight for truth like Senator Sasse.

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