#BlackLivesMatter Began Two Years Ago, What Difference Have They Made?

#BlackLivesMatter Began Two Years Ago, What Difference Have They Made?

It’s been two years to the day since Michael Brown was shot and killed in Ferguson, Missouri, sparking a national outcry against police, so what has changed?

The #BlackLivesMatter movement spawned in protest of the officer that shot Brown, although their entire premise was based on a lie. They believed the tale that Brown had his hands up and cried out “don’t shoot”, which the Department of Justice later said there was no evidence of, but they took too long, and a movement had formed.

Since that day two years ago, Black Lives Matter has grown into an immense national organization. They claim to be fighting against racial prejudice in the criminal justice system, when in reality they have only made the situation worse.

Now, before you get all riled up in one way or another, you need to understand this; there is evidence of injustice in the criminal justice system and it needs to be addressed. The problem is, Black Lives Matter as a whole seems to not care about fixing the real issues.

Instead, they have focused their time and efforts on shutting down highways and hijacking political speeches to scream out some ridiculous chant that is often incoherent or juvenile. I have been right in the middle of a Black Lives Matter protest before, and not a single person there seems to know why they are there, they are just angry at something or someone. Mostly white people.

They’ve taken the legitimate issue and they’ve distracted everyone from it. Instead of driving positive change, they’ve driven a racial wedge between the people of the United States and have actually done more to harm race relations than anyone else in recent history.

It doesn’t stop there. They have decided to put forth their own “platform” recently, and it is incredibly counterproductive. Instead of weeding out bad police officers (yes, those do exist), they would rather have communities police themselves. They believe cities like Detroit and Chicago (which they never mention, in case you were wondering) are better off without police, and that everyone will magically get along once the police are gone. They also want to decriminalize all drugs (mostly, I assume, because they are using an ungodly amount of drugs to believe that any of their “solutions” will make anything better) and force the U.S. Government to pay reparations for slavery.

You see, #BlackLivesMatter was based on a lie, and it thrives on foolishness and the willing ignorance of the masses. Those that don’t kowtow to every whim of the movement are labeled “racist” and “bigot”, and many blindly follow along. Now, instead of focusing their efforts on the few examples of injustice where there needs to be something done, they would rather shut down highways and local businesses.

Two years is an awfully long time to be at something, and it’s sad when you use that time to only make things worse. I guess it’s wishful thinking to assume we could come together and solve the problems we face between the police and the black community, but maybe it’s not too late. Maybe Black Lives Matter can start making a difference, but in order to do so they must change their approach. Will it happen? Probably not, but a man can dream.

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