NFL Star Ben Watson Calls Out Planned Parenthood

Baltimore Ravens Tight End Ben Watson has often spoken out about social issues, he even wrote a book talking about race relations in the United States, but his latest target is Planned Parenthood.

Watson is a very outspoken Christian, so it is not surprising that he finds issue with the organization most famous for… well… murdering children. He addressed his general issue with abortion and then went further to say he believes abortions are being forced more often onto minorities.

“… abortion saddens me period, but it seems to be something that is really pushed on minorities and provided to minorities especially as something that they should do,”

Watson also brings up Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger, who openly spoke about her desire to wipe out people she deemed “unfit”, specifically African-Americans. Watson recognizes what many conservatives have been saying for years; Planned Parenthood was designed to wipe out minorities. The worst part? According to Watson, it’s working.

“We sit here and talk about advancing the black agenda, whatever that means, we talk about our interests, and what’s important to us – like having political power and advancement and all those things – and then we are turning around and we are killing our children,” Watson continued. “And we are buying the lie that it’s our personal decision to make.”

Watson, himself a father of five, is sympathetic to women with unplanned pregnancies, and he believes the problem lies with men who do not take responsibility.

“He need to be there to support her through the physical changes of the pregnancy, and help and provide emotional strength, and do it together,” Watson continued. “As much as he has a role in making the baby in the first place, it needs to take both of them the whole way through.”

It’s amazing that an NFL player is using his platform to speak up for those that are killed before they have a chance to have a voice, it’s not a risk most celebrities take for fear of backlash. Watson believes God is calling him to speak on this issue, and so he is trusting God.

“I won’t say I’m not afraid, and I will say that I’ve received some flack for some of the things I’ve said … I decided that you know, if the spirit of God has prompted me to say something, I’m gonna trust in God and say it.”

For Watson, it’s not about personal gain or celebrity, it’s about seeing an issue and refusing to stay silent. While Planned Parenthood continues to kill children, it’s up to Christians to stand up for our belief that all life is sacred.

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