Donald Trump Debates Donald Trump On The Issues (VIDEO)

For supporters of Donald Trump, they will believe any and every word that comes out of his mouth. Despite attempts by the #NeverTrump crowd to educate them, they continue to buy into The Donald’s lies. In order to be helpful, Trump has decided to debate himself on the issues.

You just have to watch this:

On everything from Iraq, the Clintons, healthcare, minimum wage, and more, Donald Trump has changed his positions so drastically that one would find it near impossible to discern what he actually believes. Most importantly, though, for those in the “but Hillary” camp, Trump praised her and Bill for years. Trump called Clinton a Secretary of State that was “above and beyond everybody else” AFTER the attack in Benghazi. That’s right, Cheeto Jesus has been singing her praises even after she allowed four Americans to die and then lied about it to their families.

Many of us have always claimed that Donald Trump is a conman and a liar, but no one proved that better than Trump himself.

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