While Polls Show Clinton In The Lead, Trump Would Rather Go After Ted Cruz

Mr. Republican Unity spent some time in Ohio today going after Ted Cruz. Why? Because nothing matters.

No, seriously, Donald Trump felt it necessary to bring up the Texas Senator, claiming that he “saved his life” at the Republican National Convention by walking back in the room while Cruz was speaking. That’s not all, though, as Trump made it a point to call him a “certain man” and not call him out by name. In a difficult election, it makes sense to go after your own party and not the opposition, if you have the intelligence of a newborn chimpanzee.


Surely the crowd would not respond happily to this, right? I mean, Republicans want unity and want to beat Hillary Clinton by coming together, right? Well, sort of. Minus the idiots in the back screaming out Trump’s 3rd-grade-level nickname for Cruz.


All of this anger from Trump stems from Cruz’s speech at the RNC where he refused to endorse The Donald. Instead, Ted Cruz told voters to “vote their conscience“. This angered Trump because he demands nothing short of complete submission from the Republican Party. Of course, a big part of this could be the fact that polls released today show Trump losing to Hillary Clinton. Trump enjoyed a slight post-RNC bump, but Clinton is back in the lead and it doesn’t look she will be ceding that anytime soon.

This is just the latest chapter in the book of Trump, where he prefers attacking former GOP rivals instead of his opponent. He puts his personal vendettas above all else, which I suppose is a good thing for the #NeverTrump crowd that hopes he completely implodes before December. I fully expect Trump to be hurling insults towards Cruz, Jeb Bush, and others from his death bed, while probably leaving money for the Clinton Foundation in his will.

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