Texas Police Officer Saves Little Girl's Life, Then Goes The Extra Mile

For police officers, protecting and saving lives is one of their most important duties, but not many do what Rowlett, Texas Corporal Patrick Ray did.

A year ago, Corporal Ray saved little Bexley Norvell’s life after she almost choked to death after swallowing a coin. The rescue was caught on Ray’s bodycam, and Bexley’s mom Tammy never wants to forget the day her little girl was saved. “This is a day that I will celebrate… because I have her,” she says, and this year she hired a professional photographer to take photos of Corporal Ray and Bexley having a tea party.


(Warning, these photos will fill you with emotions, and that’s ok)





(Photo credit: Chelle Cates Photography)

“Whenever I do ask my children ‘what do you want to pray for?’ Bexley always says, ‘Officer P Ray. Officer P Ray’,” says Tammy Norvell, who hopes these photos will show people the sweeter side of police officers in light of the negativity they receive. It is so important that we highlight things like this, police officers who go way beyond the call of duty to help make people’s lives better.

In a time of negativity and anger, America needs more heartwarming stories like this to lift our spirits. God bless Corporal Ray, and the countless other officers setting such an amazing example and truly making a difference.


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