Trump Puts Americans First By Hiring Foreign Workers

Despite Donald Trump’s many claims to want to give jobs to more Americans, he refuses to use his businesses to hire Americans. Again.

According to Buzzfeed, Trump is looking to bring in 78 foreign workers to two of his establishments in Florida.


This month, Trump is bringing jobs to Florida, as he looks to hire 78 servers, housekeepers, and cooks at his Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach and the nearby Trump National Golf Club, Jupiter.

But instead of making sure those jobs go to Americans, he is seeking to import foreign workers for the positions, which pay $10.17 an hour for housekeepers, $11.13 an hour for servers, and $12.74 for cooks. He filed applications this month claiming he couldn’t find enough Americans to do that work, and is seeking temporary visas to bring in 65 workers at Mar-a-Lago along with another seven waiters and six cooks at the golf club.

Trump has previously defended this, claiming that there are not any America workers looking for those jobs. It is easy to simply dismiss his claim as ridiculous, but Buzzfeed went the extra mile (which is not surprising, seeing as Buzzfeed is a blatantly liberal website).

Officials at a nearby career services agency have seen it differently. Last year, Tom Veenstra, a senior director at Palm Beach’s career services center, told BuzzFeed News that he had “hundreds of people in our database that would qualify for a lot of those hospitality jobs.”

In an email Wednesday, Veenstra said his agency, which is chartered by the state of Florida, has a database of 1,327 Palm Beach County residents interested in server, cook, and chef positions. He said local hotels are currently seeking his agency’s help to fill more than 856 such jobs. Mar-a-Lago does not appear to be among those that contacted the agency directly, he said, adding that he could not immediately provide information about the Jupiter golf club.


How can a man that claims to be putting “America first” outsource jobs in his own company? It’s simple; money. It’s cheaper to hire foreign workers, and Trump knows that. If he won’t hire Americans in his own companies, why would anyone believe he would be inclined to “bring jobs back”?


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