#DNCLeak: DNC Sides With Trump, Asks if TED CRUZ's Dad Assassinated JFK

#DNCLeak: DNC Sides With Trump, Asks if TED CRUZ's Dad Assassinated JFK

It is not common for the Democrats and Republicans to unite, but perhaps Donald Trump has finally found a way to bring the country together. In an email released in the Wikileaks DNC email dump, DNC officials seem to be giving credence to Trump’s conspiracy that Ted Cruz’s father may, in fact, have had something to do with John F. Kennedy’s assassination.

DNC Communications Director Luis Miranda sent out this email on May 3 of this year:


The email notes that Rafael Cruz was a militant in Cuba fighting against the Batista regime that Fidel Castro eventually overthrew. Miranda implicitly states that the elder Cruz could have easily been caught up in the “ugly web of Cuban militants with questionable histories”. Questionable like KILLING JFK?!

Miranda goes on to mention that one of the burglars involved in the Watergate scandal was of Cuban heritage, tying one of the last knots of this conspiracy ribbon. The final knot is the well-sourced story about a Cuban who blew up a plane and “was basically given safe refuge in Texas”. The DNC showed their investigative prowess by using Wikipedia to source that last one, clearly tying this entire conspiracy together.

Still don’t follow? Rafael Cruz fought on the same side as Fidel Castro, Castro didn’t like JFK, Cubans were allegedly involved in other crimes, Cuban Americans breath oxygen, 9/11 was an inside job, and finally, Rafael Cruz killed JFK. It all makes sense.

Don’t see how that all works? Neither does any sensible person, but no one has accused the DNC of being sensible. Contrary to what you may believe, this “fun hit” from the DNC was actually carried out by a Democrat. A Democrat named Donald Trump. This serves as a clear reminder that in 2016, nothing truly matters.

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