Here Is Why #NeverTrump Spends More Time Attacking Him Than Hillary

If you are not firmly in the #NeverTrump camp, you have probably found yourself asking “why do these Never Trumpers spend more time attacking the Republican Nominee than they do attacking Crooked Lyin’ Hillary”.

The simple answer is, we don’t. Not overall anyway. Many of us have been criticizing Hillary Clinton for years, way before many Trump voters paid a lick of attention to politics (and back when Trump himself was calling her an amazing Secretary of State). One of the most common phrases you’ll hear from a “Never Trumper” is “I am #NeverTrumpANDNeverHillary”. The idea is that we don’t want to be forced to choose between two New York liberals, so we just won’t.

I can see, however, how it comes across like we spend most of our time attacking Trump. In recent months, yes, we have probably spent more time attacking Trump than Hillary and here is why:

When a wolf infiltrates the herd, you’ll want to spend your time attacking it instead of the wolf three miles away that you have spent the last 8 years viciously beating up.

Donald Trump is a wolf that has infiltrated the GOP. His every word is an affront to conservatism, and we feel the need to fight that. When he calls for the dismantling of important and strategic alliances, we call him out on it. When he claims to be pro-life but then praises Planned Parenthood, we call him out on it. When he calls for the restrictions of free speech and free trade, we call him out on it.

I understand that for many, that isn’t enough. The cries of “but Hillary. But the Supreme Court. But the Party loyalty.” will continue to echo, because people don’t want to face reality. Here is the reality: your own candidate won’t attack Hillary Clinton. In fact, when asked about it, Trump said he didn’t attack her much because it bored him, he got tired of it.

When Clinton has news break that would otherwise tank her campaign, Trump goes on to praise the likes of Saddam Hussein. See, Trump has made it a habit of hijacking negative Clinton news cycles, almost as if it’s their plan. Even in recent weeks with the nomination locked up, Trump has spent more time criticizing other Republicans than he has spent criticizing Clinton, yet Trump voters and surrogates act like he has done nothing wrong.

So next time you want to yell at a #NeverTrump voter for not criticizing Hillary Clinton, know this: we will push back against liberal candidates and liberal ideology wherever it may be, but when it infiltrates the conservative movement it will become our main focus.