Liberal Commentator Ignores Facts, Blames Republicans

In the wake of the press conference from FBI director James Comey where it was announced that Hillary Clinton would not be recommended for prosecution to the Department of Justice, one liberal commentator decided it was an opportune time to blame Republicans for… something.

Now, if you are familiar with CNN’s Sally Kohn, you know she is apt to say things that leave us wondering just how many times she was dropped on her head as a child. Ok, maybe that is a bit harsh, but Kohn often takes her liberal leanings to new heights whenever any significant event takes place, and her take on the FBI announcement was no different.

According to Kohn, this is all some right-wing conspiracy and Clinton did nothing wrong.

Here, take a look at what she said:



Here is the problem Ms. Kohn (wait, can I call her miss or will that offend her?). Anyway, the FBI *literally* spent 15 minutes telling us how Hillary Clinton violated federal law.

The fact that they decided to not recommend Clinton for prosecution does not wipe out their previous statements of wrongdoing. Director Comey was very clear that Clinton broke the law.

Why would they not recommend Clinton for prosecution? Who knows at this point. But what we do know is that Clinton broke the law, and no amount of people like Kohn crying about “right wing crowing” will change that. To people like Kohn, facts don’t matter. All we can do is sit and laugh at their ignorance.