Good Guy With A Gun Stops Bad Guy With A Gun... AGAIN

Hold on to your tin foil hats leftists, your gun control narrative took a fatal shot to the chest. Well, ok, the narrative didn’t, but an armed gunman in Tennessee did.

According to local reports, a gunman entered a Tennessee gas station and took the female cashier hostage in an attempted armed robbery. If it weren’t for an armed customer, that woman’s life could have been lost.


From the report:

The robber entered the store with a knife, stole cash and cigarettes then took a female store clerk hostage as he tried to exit the building.

“They encountered a customer on the front sidewalk. The customer ran back to his vehicle and retrieved a weapon. The suspect who was shot confronted him and he fired at least one round striking him in the body,” Mullinax said. He also went on to say the robber was still holding the woman hostage when he was fatally shot and that the armed customer got lucky.

The customer managed to fire off a fatal round into the robber’s chest without hitting the hostage. The customer is not facing any charges, but had he hit and killed the store clerk, charges could be pending.

This is just the second story in the last few days where an armed citizen saved the life of innocent people, the other taking place in South Carolina.

Remember folks: gun control doesn’t save lives, armed citizens do.

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