Pennsylvania Democrat Wants To Rewrite History

No matter what side of the political spectrum you find yourself on, you should be familiar with the debate around the use of the Confederate flag. For some the flag is viewed as offensive, and for others it is seen as a symbol of their heritage.

Regardless of your political opinions, we can all agree that the Confederate flag was used during the Civil War, right?

Wrong. Well, at least mostly. Pennsylvania state Representative Vanessa Lowery Brown of Philadelphia doesn’t think it belongs on the battlefield, at least not during reenactments.

She told local news “I’ve been to a lot of reenacting and the reenacting does not tell the stories accurately,”. She went on to say “If they’re not going to tell the story properly, then they should not be displayed and they should not be reenacted unless they’re going to tell the truth,”.

Re-enactor Don McVicker from Mount Holly holds a Confederate battle flag Saturday, March 5, 2016

Mrs. Brown here is attempting to rewrite history by eliminating the Confederate flag from reenactments of the Battle of Gettysburg because she doesn’t feel like the reenactments are 100% accurate. According to her, historical documents should not be used if history is not told with absolute perfect accuracy.

The problem with her “logic”? She claims the battle doesn’t properly show the “story about the oppression of the Confederate flag”. I may be young, but I do not remember a battle flag committing any acts of oppression in Gettysburg.

In her quest for “accuracy” she is attempting to actually draw further away from the reality of what happened over 150 years ago. Dan Moul, a Republican representative from Pennsylvania, also sees the flaw in what Brown wants to do, saying:

“We’re going to have people there reenacting Confederate soldiers as well as Union soldiers. Are we going to take all the Confederate soldiers off the battlefield and just have the reenactment one sided? Of course not, that would be crazy. Rewriting history is crazy.”

Yes Mr. Moul, rewriting history is crazy, but it’s nothing new for the political left in their search to turn everything into an ideological safe space.