Londoners shocked by explosion on one of its busiest streets

Londoners thought they might be undergoing yet another terrorist attack today when an explosion stunned shoppers on busy Oxford Street. Thankfully, the Daily Mail reports it was some sort of problem with the “power network,” according to Metropolitan Police.



One man was injured when an electrical box is believed to have overloaded. The pavement near the John Lewis department store was blackened by the discharge. People inside were told to hide after the explosion sounded outside; many feared that it was yet another terror attack.

Manchester, England was the site of the deadliest terror attack on British soil this year, where 22 were killed and many more injured at an Ariana Grande concert. The suicide bomber was linked to ISIS members in Syria.

The most recent Islamic terrorist attack in England was on London Bridge, killing seven. There was another after that on June 19; a Welshman was believed to have been attempting retaliation by plowing his van into Muslims exiting a mosque. One person died and a dozen were injured.


ISIS continues to recruit within London and Britain in general to encourage attacks in busy tourist spots and meaningful metropolitan areas. It is understandable why Londoners reacted as they did.

At the time of reporting, this explosion really does not seem to be terror related. UK Power told the Independent that an underground cable to the area may have created the problem.


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