We Are Not Alone

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Someone on Twitter has very helpfully compiled a list of ‘transphobes.’

The list is currently going viral after a user who goes by Casually Greg noticed he’d been added. “Apparently I’m on a long published list of so-called “transphobes,” he tweeted on Sunday Monday morning.

The list has been collected by someone named @bethylamine, and has been archived at Github…and it is long.

I mean loooooooong.

The list contains the Twitter handles thousands of so-called ‘transphobes.’ Some of them are the more well-known usual suspects – Shapiro and the like. Some of them are just regular old accounts that somehow have been flagged by progressive pouters. Yours truly didn’t make the list. I pledge to work harder to be included on future lists. I’m not sure if I’ve not been trans-y enough or phobe-y enough, but I promise to work on it.

Anyway, the list has been met with unsurprising good humor on the right, with hundreds of people expressing either pride at being included or disappointment for being overlooked. The purpose of the list isn’t exactly clear, besides just identifying the “meanies” on Twitter. Maybe it’s in the hopes that someday Elon will turn Twitter back over to the government censors. Maybe it’s for some future doxxing operation. Maybe the lister is just really bored and doesn’t have much else going on in his/her life (my money’s on the latter). Whatever the original intent may be, I couldn’t help but notice something really encouraging as I sifted through.

There are over 42,000 names on the list, and I can only assume it expands every day. That’s an extraordinary amount of names to compile. That is an incredible number.

At least 42,000 people on Twitter have a common sense view of gender and biology. At least 42,000 people on Twitter have resisted the Cult of Transgender. At least 42,000 people on Twitter refuse to believe the lie that one can change one’s sex OR gender. At least 42,000 people on Twitter refuse to erase women at the altar of this mutilating ideology.

Sometimes it feels really lonely out here in the real world. Sure, we have our social media friends, but when we walk outside our doors or turn on our televisions we are assaulted with insanity. Our public schools are letting boys shower with girls and putting tampons in the boys bathrooms. Our workplaces are infected with Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) trainings that encourage discrimination and racism rather than erase those things. Every show, every movie, every awards ceremony is lousy with lectures about the beauty of self-mutilation in the impossible pursuit of becoming another gender. The schizophrenic rainbow flags of the LGBTQplusalltheotherletters cult are hung in our classrooms, our police precincts, our government buildings…even painted on our streets. They are inescapable at this point.

If you live in weird, upside-down-land like I do (California) you truly do feel like a minority, like one of the last people who haven’t given up their brains to the government or the mob.

It’s isolating.

This obsessive Twitter list is meant to be a weapon of some sort, and perhaps it may be used that way in the future; but today, it feels like a bit of a gift. It is a reminder that we are not alone. There are a lot of us. A LOT. Tens of thousands on Twitter alone. Imagine how that small fraction of sanity expands when posited out in the real world. We’re letting progressives make us feel alone because they own so much of the cultural conversation. This list stands as the perfect reminder that there is strength in numbers and we have those numbers.

We are the silent majority. What would happen if we became the vocal majority?

Some of us are already shouting. Some of us need a little nudge. Let this list be your nudge. You are not alone. You are not crazy. You are not the last sane person left. We’re out here, we’re with you, and we’re probably all on someone’s list somewhere. Progressives do love their lists and their trains.

So, thank you to the bitter progressive who made this list. It felt like going to church…a place to see a lot of people gathered who share your beliefs and worldview, and remind you that you’re a normal person living in an abnormal world.

Did you make the list?

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