HOT TAKES: Bud Light Twitter Account Face-Plants Into the Weekend, Gets Brutally Roasted on the Way Down

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Budweiser beer blew off their base with the most absurd beer sponsorship in American history, and now they’re backtracking badly.

I can’t put it any more succinctly than RedState writer Bonchie, who reported on the complete face-plant of an attempt at an apology from Anheuser-Busch CEO Brendan Whitworth on Friday.


Anheuser-Busch is starting to realize that its dive into the pool of wokeness was a major mistake. As RedState reported, sales of Bud Light have crashed since the beer brand decided to celebrate Dylan Mulvaney’s supposed “365th day of girlhood” by printing his face on the side of a can and making him a brand influencer.

Things have gotten so bad for Bud Light that all advertising for the beer has been suspended until top executives can evaluate what in the world happened here and how to move forward. Of course, we know what happened. A far-left vice president of advertising got hired and immediately nuked the company with its most loyal consumer base. Namely, white men who aren’t really into the whole “man pretending to be a young girl” thing.

Whitworth’s half-witted non-apology made sure to hit every “red-blooded American” buzzword his publicity department could think of…military, first responders, hard-workers, SPORTS! It didn’t say much else about the controversy, which might have been a decent step towards actual damage control.

It might have been a good idea for the beer company to put a halt on any social media posting for the time being as well. How could they think they wouldn’t be inundated with rage and ridicule from both sides of the political see-saw? But good judgement doesn’t seem to be in their wheelhouse these days, because some genius thought it would be a great idea to pretend everything is normal, and it’s just another Friday for the beer and the Americans who drink it.


It is not, however, just another Friday, and the ratio on their #TGIF post proves it.

Well, we know for certain a lot of folks at Anheuser-Busch are thanking God it is Friday so they can stop answering the phones for the weekend. Not everyone was happy to send them off into the weekend with good vibes, however.

Does “TGIF stand for “That Guy is Female” for your marketing geniuses @budlight? -@NathanDahm

Some guys don’t want anything to do with Bud’s liquid lies.

No gender fluid for me, thanks. – @johnhawkinsrwn

Some noticed their choice of beer can for their weekend well-wishes.

I see you changed your can back lol Good luck with that – @daniellemerrim1

This one is a good point. If you’re gonna go all-in on delusion, go all-in!

Surprised you didn’t post this on a Tuesday that believed it was a Friday – @mattgilblezy


Speaking of SPORTS, it was a blowout for the meme makers…Twitter – 11,000,000,000…Anheuser-Busch – 0

One commenter noted how far away the brand’s new marketing attempt is from their past branding success.

I remember the LSU Texas A&M game in 2017, whole sections were saying dilly dilly to each other lol that was great now look where we are – @MdBergeron

This person pretty much sums up what’s been happening to the Bud Light brand over the past week, and probably why the company lost billions in value overnight.

Anheuser-Busch may bounce back. The news cycle churns at record speed these days. We forget about outrage quickly. Maybe they’ll weather this storm, but even though the non-apology apology was a bust, just the attempt shows that the Bud bosses are bristling. They recognize the damage, and in a normal world the VP of Marketing behind the move would have been publicly fired. In this current age of delusion, she reportedly still has a job, even though she has failed spectacularly.


Failing upward seems to be a progressive specialty, aided by the bully culture of the DEI movement.


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