Five Things More Important to Americans Than the January 6 Show Trial

Mandel Ngan/Pool via AP


In January of 2020, things got chaotic. Also, in January of 2020 the national average for gas was around $2.14/gal. If you live in California right now, you’re looking at nearly $7/gal in some areas. If you live anywhere else, paying under $3/gal for gas is a distant memory…but one that certainly looms larger than what happened when a few hundred people got cranky at the Capitol. Nothing that happened in D.C. in January made our lives harder. Paying $5+/gal has changed everything, and with our dollars not going as far as they used to, while our bills increase…well, it’s been a recipe for misery. Maybe we’d care about this show trial if we didn’t have to spend so much mental energy trying to figure out how to get our kids to school and ourselves to work.

2.Top Gun

The anti-social bubble-dweller, coastal elite set tried to tell us we’d never go back to any kind of normal. “Old normal” was over, and that included seeing movies in the theater. Then Tom Cruise pulled out his platform shoes and ageless face and took us all to the movies. Suddenly, the movies are back. Not only that, patriotism and non-partisan entertainment was the path back to the movies. Worldwide, Top Gun has crossed the billion dollar mark, and it’s still earning. There are plenty of movies (thanks, Marvel) that make a big splash internationally, but Cruise’s sequel to one of the greatest movies of the 80s was an unexpected joy. Certainly, more Americans have seen Top Gun than one, single second of the show trials in D.C. That’s unlikely to change, unless Donald Trump suddenly decides to show up naked, carrying Hunter Biden’s crack pipe and laptop.


The last two years have been a nightmare for education. Our children are woefully behind, and the elitists who kept our schools closed when parents knew they should be open are only now admitting that may have been a mistake. As parents prepare for another school year, they are filled with dread that the unions and corrupt school boards will continue to play games with the future of their children. Some counties in California are already bringing back mask mandates for students, even as the world moves on from the pandemic. Parents and students are living with uncertainty. Schools could close again without warning. The last thing we’re thinking about is January of 2020. September of 2022 is looking scary enough.

4. The Bachelorette

This year there are two bachelorettes, after last year’s bachelor Clayton rudely strung along the final two contestants, knowing he really had feelings for Susie. Susie left the show early, because even though it’s a trashy dating show, she still had enough class to say that she didn’t want to be pursuing marriage to a guy who had no issue sleeping with the other contestants while professing his love for her. If you think this paragraph about a trashy dating reality show was boring and irrelevant, just remember that almost anyone in America can tell you what The Bachelor franchise is about. Almost no one can tell you what’s going on in the never ending January 6 committee.

5.Baby formula shortages

Nothing is more important than the ability to nourish your infant. In America, we’ve become used to having quick and easy access to infant formula for mothers unable to breastfeed. It’s been a blessing of modern civilization, but amazingly, in one administration, we find ourselves with a shortage on store shelves that is becoming increasingly frightening for the parents of infants. Even more so, the people in charge in this country seem to have no interest in fixing it or even really acknowledging it. Certainly the formula shortage outranks whatever passing interest the January 6 hearings my drum up.

Let’s face it, the hearings are a dud. They are meaningless, they change nothing, and they’re nothing but a showcase for Democrats. They are desperate to extend the fake panic around January 6 into the midterm elections, because they have nothing else. Clearly, they are also trying to prepare for a possible second Trump term in 2024, with intentions to impeach him with committee results, if possible…which would just be one meaningless act after another.

Americans are sick of meaningless politics. We’ll see if anyone in either party truly understands that come November.



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