Appalling California Bill Will Allow Children as Young as 12 to Consent to Vaccinations at School Without Parents' Knowledge

The parent revolution may have officially begun in Loudoun County, Virginia, but is has matriculated all the way to the West Coast as parents across the state of California have begun mobilizing to take back their school boards and fight back against some of the most dystopian policies the United States has ever seen.


An example of the increasingly oppressive overreach of Sacramento is Senate Bill 866 (SB866), which passed out of the California State Senate on Thursday. SB866 – otherwise known as the Teens Choose Vaccines Act – will allow school children ages 12 and older to consent to vaccinations at school without the consent or knowledge of their parents.

California has been steadily working to weaken parental authority for years, already passing legislation that allows student to receive birth control and abortions without the knowledge of their parents. The COVID pandemic power grabs have only emboldened the legislature, and they have been seeking to force the COVID vaccine on every Californian since Donald Trump left office. Not satisfied with spitting in the face of every parent in the state regarding sex ed curriculum and critical race theory insanity, the legislature has chosen to take advantage of the pandemic to wrestle away the last morsels of parental control in public schools.

SB866 doesn’t even try to hide its nefarious intentions. The bill’s sponsor, Senator Scott Wiener (D), specifically identifies within the bill the “problem” of parents.

PROBLEM: Minors between the ages of 12 and 17 cannot be vaccinated without parental consent unless the vaccine is specifically to prevent a disease that is sexually transmitted. This serves as a significant barrier to teen health in California, particularly in situations where parents and children hold conflicting views about vaccines.


So parents are the problem, not the people who want to replace them. This is an elected government official boldly stating that parents are a barrier, as if they are second-class citizens who are too stupid to know what is best for their own children.

It doesn’t stop there. Weiner believes that children should be able to secretly consent to medical procedures because their parents may be neglectful or, heaven forbid, busy.

Parental consent requirements for vaccines can also be a barrier in cases where a child is experiencing medical neglect, or simply because working or otherwise busy parents are not available to take their children to medical visits. Low-income children may experience longer waits to get vaccinated simply because their parents work longer hours — often without paid time off — and can’t take them to a vaccination site as soon as they are eligible.

California Democrats want us to believe that they have to do this because parents work too much?

Republican candidate for California Superintendent of Public Instruction Lance Christensen says Democrats are pushing for a “dystopian Brave New World,” actively working to make children “wards of the state.” He encourages parents to get angry and get involved, before it’s too late.


“Parents, are you listening? The California legislature is saying the quiet part out loud — they want our/your children to be wards of the state, cogs in some progressive dystopian Brave New World or neo-Spartans. SB 866 is just the latest maneuver to remove any authority parents have over their children, even if the consequences will irreparably harm generations to come. The legislature no longer cares what their constituents have to say about it because they wield near-absolute power. It’s time to stop co-parenting with the government. It’s time to reclaim sole custody of our children from the state before we lose all control. And it’s time to vote out every member of the legislature that supports these bills. It’s the only way to hold our elected officials accountable.”

The bill now moves to the state assembly where it will presumably pass unless parents are able to provide enough pressure to make the Democrat majority blink. Parents have already managed to defeat a vaccine mandate bill for students. In this true blue state, the internal polling must be incredibly alarming if Democrats are actually listening to angry parents on the issue. This means there is room to move the assembly on 866.

Christensen, a former Republican staffer with years of experience dealing with the Sacramento machine, says the next steps will involve sending the bill to an assembly committee for review, and if it passes out of that committee it will head to a vote. He urges all parents to immediately flood committee Democrats with their concerns.


Below is a screenshot of the Assembly Judiciary Committee members, or follow the link here to find contact information.

All concerned Californians are urged to make their voices heard and stand up against this egregious attempted violation of parental autonomy.

We do not co-parent with the state.



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