Unprecedented: Sources Say Justice Roberts Will Call On FBI to Investigate SCOTUS Leak

(AP Photo/Win McNamee, Pool File)

As we reported earlier, the SCOTUS leak regarding the Roe decision is unprecedented in its scope. As political as court appointments have become, there is a professional and moral standard at SCOTUS that has long been held in esteem. Leaks are unheard of because justices and their staff take their judicial mandate extremely seriously. This is the highest court in the land. Their decisions have deep ripple effects throughout American life. They take controversial cases and often make controversial rulings.


For the sake of their own safety, and to protect the draft and opinion process, it is absolutely vital that the privacy of the court be held in tact. Never has there been such a violation of that privacy. Many are calling for an investigation into this leak. Twitter is already pointing to “sources” saying Chief Justice Roberts will likely call for an investigation involving the FBI.

One Twitter user was more than skeptical.


RedState’s Susie Moore is a former attorney and says Americans need to take a breath and understand that a draft of a decision is not actually a decision.

No. The Supreme Court has not voted to overturn abortion rights. A draft opinion is a draft opinion. It could be tweaked and altered in innumerable ways before it’s ultimately issued.

Stay informed and gird your loins.



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