One to Watch: King Randall's 'X School for Boys' Offers Life Skills and Confidence to Help Empower Young Black Men

One to Watch: King Randall's 'X School for Boys' Offers Life Skills and Confidence to Help Empower Young Black Men

You need to know this young man.

While the rest of us are talking in theories and generalities, opining about how to win this election or that demographic, King Randall is putting his feet to the pavement and actually doing something.

And he’s only 22 years old.

Randall is the founder and head of the X School For Boys, a non-profit mentoring program out of Albany, GA. King founded the program when he looked around and saw too many young men, many fatherless, with nothing to do and no good place to go to find purpose and value. He didn’t see anyone around him providing guidance, so he rolled up his sleeves and started X School For Boys.

At X School, boys ages 11-17 can stop in after school to learn practical trades and life skills, get academic help, and learn how to interact with their communities and families as growing, respectful men who will become leaders. Randall says he has been blessed to have been raised with a stepfather in his life who taught him how to do everything from hunting to fishing to mechanics to playing music. He wants to pass those skills on to young men who haven’t had the same fatherly guidance in their lives.

In an interview at our Townhall booth at CPAC, Randall told me that the confidence his boys get from being able to help their parents out by changing the oil or fixing the tires or any other practical help like that is invaluable.

“A lot of boys who didn’t have a father are sometimes timid and lack confidence, and a lot of them who may not be academically inclined or athletically inclined…they just feel like they’re worthless. So giving them a skilled trade to learn, teaching them how to change some oil or change some brakes on the car or how to grow their own food, a lot of them start literally expanding…and they begin to be confident because when you can say, ‘Hey mom, I changed the brakes on the car!’ or ‘Hey Dad, I changed the brakes” they begin to feel better about themselves. I may not be able to throw a ball or I may not make the best grades in school but I can go fix something, I can grow my own food, I can go fix a house…these things begin to develop confidence.”

Randall has raised enough money to buy 40 acres of land in the Albany area and intends to clear it for a farm to continue his expanding his work. He hopes to invite as many boys to the program who want to join, and he is currently in the process of opening The X School For Boys an official preparatory academy. Click here to read Jeff Charles’ report on how the local school board has been trying to stand in Randall’s way.

You can (and absolutely should) watch our entire interview right here. We recorded live from CPAC and you can hear the crowd buzz all around us. It would be wonderful if one day soon all that buzz was from the people crowding around this incredible young man to hear his wisdom and support his mission.

And check out his YouTube show, Conflict Corner, where he teaches young men how to resolve conflict and deal with adversity in their lives in a productive manner.

Get to know King Randall, support his school and vision here, and keep an eye on this one. He’s one to watch.

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