Salem Media Announces Their Culture Warrior of the Year...And Some Folks Are Going to Be Livid

Salem Media, a parent corporation of RedState, has announced their 2021 Cultural Warrior of the Year Honoree, and it’s bound to make heads explode among the Branch Covidians.


The pick was the result of a vote among Salem listeners, who were asked to choose from six nominees. The nominees were:

  1. Mollie Hemingway of The Federalist
  2. Jason Whitlock of The Blaze
  3. Carl Jackson, radio host
  4. Mike Lindell, the pillow pundit
  5. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis
  6. Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin

And the winner, with a decisive 52% of the vote, is Literally Hitler™, Governor Ron DeSantis.

The progressive left’s favorite monster received an overwhelming response from Salem listeners, who were the originators of the nominations for the honor in the first place.

DeSantis has been on the front lines of some of the most heated national battles in last two years. From resisting federal bureaucratic overreach when it comes to COVID to empowering parents through school choice and anti-mask and vaccine mandates in public schools, DeSantis has become public enemy number one for progressives. He refuses to follow the script they’ve set out for him, and he hasn’t been shy about criticizing the buffoonery of the current White House administration.

Salem Vice President of Spoken Word, Phil Boyce says the honor proves that DeSantis is a nationally respected figure, not simply locally.


“Governor DeSantis is well deserving of this honor, and it proves how strong he is in Florida, but also across the country,” said Salem Senior Vice President of Spoken Word, Phil Boyce. “Last year this award was given to Candace Owens, so both honorees are well deserving of the respect and admiration of the Salem audience across the country.”

Salem Media has become a leader in conservative media over the last decade, with listeners across over 100 radio stations. They also dominate the media space with entities like The Salem News Channel and The Salem Podcast Network.

From the staff and editors at RedState, we offer America’s Governor a hearty, “Congratulations, sir!” and wish him every success as he continues to advocate for American freedoms and values in his state. Perhaps he will one day soon have the opportunity to battle on behalf of all Americans.



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